1. Canva - Winter Landscaping

If you work in the field of lawn care, you know that there are many layers to what you do. Like figuring out what the customer likes, planning out an idea, executing an innovative design, and supporting your team are all stages when working in a landscaping business.

But, do you ever wonder what landscapers do in the winter when your customers put off their typically frequent lawn care needs until the after the upcoming cold season passes?

You could call up your entire client list, or get them to refer you to someone who might need your services. Most likely, you will end up needing to find a side hustle to keep you going through those difficult winter months, but only one side gig is the most beneficial.

Whether it’s string lights, or quick cash from junk hauling, you have options this season!

Getting Referrals from Existing Customers

The business of lawn care often requires a lot of skill when it comes to talking to customers. They’ll want to be sold on your idea for their home and assured that you will do whatever it takes to make their dream a reality, and once your connection is secure, they stick with you.

After building this strong relationship over time, you will have a chance of getting some work during the colder months because they will take you up on new services that you can provide.

A great thing you can do to show customers that you care about their business is to offer different services when the winter rolls around so they don’t forget about your company. These services may vary, but most of them take a lot of time like putting up holiday lights.

Big Lights and Holiday Hours

Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, and Kwanzaa are all big, exciting holidays which are celebrated during the winter and they each have one major factor in common: A whole lot of lights.

Holiday lights are a huge deal during the holidays and so stringing up lights all over the roof, windows, and lawn of a house can take a long time with little reward. Usually, you will walk away with just enough to cover the cost of you and all your employee’s time for being there.

While it is an option to make side money, this will require dedication and you will still run out of houses that are looking to have someone hang their lights up quickly.

Dashing Through Jobs in the Snow

Did you know that every snowflake has a unique pattern? While snowflakes aren’t identical, heaping piles of snow covering your customer’s driveway are the exact same: hard to shovel.

Your dedicated client list will hopefully care about you enough to find you some snow related jobs while you wait for the bright sun to come back out, like getting rid of that snow around their home, or perhaps spending many hours cleaning out their ice ridden gutters in the cold.

Either way, these jobs are difficult and run the risk of health complications by being in the freezing temperatures all day while you deal with the snow and ice that the season brings.