5. freshen your space

If the anticipation of a new year is making you want to redo your home and totally transform your living space, you’re not alone. But the reality is that most of us can’t afford to blow our budgets on new furniture and decor whenever we wish—and even buying just a few small accent pieces can certainly add up. So what’s a money-conscious decor lover to do? Well, we’ve got great news for you, because it turns out that you don’t have to spend a penny to liven up your space and create a new-to-you home. We spoke with home decor experts who shared 11 fun, easy, and yes, free, hacks for making your space feel nice and fresh for the year ahead.

Switch Up Your Furniture Placement

It’s time to play musical chairs! Make your space feel brand new by giving existing furniture pieces a new home. “Swap chairs, benches, or other accent furniture from different rooms,” some home designers suggests. “You can use a side chair as a bedside table, put a bench from your entry at the end of a bed. Simply swapping pieces or making layout changes can breathe new life into a space!”

Change Your Art

Maybe that framed painting hanging in your hallway would actually bring tons of new life into your bedroom and be the finishing touch the space needs. “Art can have such a profound impact on the way a room feels, and playing a game of musical artwork might be just the refresh your space needs,” says home and DIY professionals.

The same principle applies to the artwork under your feet — don’t be afraid switch out your rugs, as well.

If you’re really feeling tired of everything you own, home and DIY professionals offers another tip. “There are free printable downloads online,” home designers said. “Also, you could use your own photography or DIY art yourself if you’re creative.”

Restyle Your Shelves and Coffee Table

It’s a great way to scratch that shopping itch without buying a thing—the same accents can look totally different when placed in new spots. “I restyle my shelves at least once a quarter to refresh the space using the same decor I already have,” home designers said. “It forces me to get creative and to keep things minimal.” When it comes to the coffee table, she maintains a similar approach. “I swap out my coffee table books and decor often to keep things fresh and interesting,” designers said. “Most items go back and forth from my shelves to the coffee table so I don’t have to buy anything new.”