Canva - Moving Furniture

Are you inspired to rearrange a room or your home? Maybe the kids are leaving for college and their bedroom is turning into an office. Or perhaps you have a great idea after watching your favorite home improvement show. While you might want to jump right in, wait until you read this! Here are five things you shouldn’t do when moving furniture.

4 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Moving Furniture

Start without a plan. This is not a time to just pick up and go. Make a plan before you start and evaluate the supplies you need, the path you’ll take, and any safety hazards.

Try to do it by yourself. Unless you’re moving a kitchen chair or petite side table, there are very few pieces of furniture you should try to move on your own. You can protect yourself, your furniture, and your home by finding a capable partner to help.

Lift with your back. Lifting something heavy improperly puts you at risk for bodily harm. Back injuries are some of the most common ones obtained from moving heavy furniture. Instead of bending at your waist to pick it up from the floor, bend at your knees in a squat position to help prevent back injury.

Move the furniture as-is. The sharp edges of a desk are a recipe for disaster for your walls. One wrong move and you can have a nice hole you need to patch in the drywall and a scratched piece of furniture. Cover it with a moving blanket or something else soft that won’t limit your gripping capability. And if you’re moving a dresser, remove the clothes first and tape the drawers shut with furniture-safe tape so they don’t open mid-move.