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For many families, the cooling weather means a return to routines: work, school, sports practice, meal prep and household chores.

Busy parents have a lot on their plate getting families organized and in sync for the school year. Topping it off, this year demands extra precautions, which may mean more cleaning and more laundry. That can lead to switching to eco-laundry sheets that make it easy for the whole family to do laundry.

New Habits Take New Thinking 

Here are a four creative ways you can approach the task that will not only make it more fun for everyone but appeal to their mission of becoming better guardians of the environment:

Make It Personal: While you’re shopping for school supplies, invite the kids to choose a favorite laundry basket that they keep in their room. There are so many fun shapes, colors and styles that shopping for the one that suits your bedroom and personality can add an element of fun to the task.

Make It Hassle-Free: Subscribe for your laundry detergent online where everyone can participate in buying his or her favorite scent. There’s no need to fret about storing all those bulky containers. You can now get laundry sheets that let you replace big plastic containers with space-saving, sleek envelopes that slip into a drawer or hide on a shelf. Along with saving space, you lower the environmental impact of transporting heavy jugs.

Make It A Movement: Being planet-conscious is important, so choosing eco-laundry detergent with no harmful chemicals can be considered a winner. The whole family may feel empowered knowing they’re getting a detergent that’s plastic-free, plant-based and has no harsh chemicals that could irritate sensitive skin or harm pets or other parts of the environment. What’s more, the sheets are biodegradable in hot or cold water.

Make It Easy: When you reduce laundry down to one detergent strip for one load, doing the laundry becomes so simple, just about anyone can do it. There’s no measuring and no mess. Plus, they’re portable so travelers, college students and campers can simply slip a strip or so into their luggage.