Managing a large-scale event, concert or festival is exciting, but it takes a lot of work to make it a success. Whether you expect 50 or 50,000 attendees, it’s essential to create a plan for all that trash. Event waste management is often overlooked or taken for granted at the expense of the organizer. However, working with a knowledgeable company can help.

Have Information About Your Event

Whether you’re planning an event by yourself or with a team, organize the details early on to eliminate most hassles, like garbage pile-ups. This prepares you to estimate how much waste will be tossed so you can order the right amount of materials for the size crowd you’re expecting. You can usually figure out how many dumpsters and trash cans you’ll need by conducting a waste audit.

Communicate openly with your team to understand the full scope of the festival. This way, you can find the right number of volunteers if necessary and get the appropriate bins, like recycling or compost bins.

Request Recycling and Trash Bins

Looking for an efficient or green solution to your event waste? Work with a reputable dumpster company to rent a variety of containers depending on your trash stream. If you’re tossing food or recyclables, get garbage, composting and recycling bins. Doing this allows visitors to sort their waste so you don’t have to. Plus, it makes the cleanup process easier.

Spread Trash Cans Around

Place waste receptacles frequently in highly visible areas to make trash disposal easily accessible. You can even put signs around so attendees know where to find the nearest bins. This will give people the option to get rid of their waste responsibly instead of littering. We also recommend placing bins near informational kiosks and food stations. Consider providing containers near portable sanitation locations, like porta potties and hand-washing stations, which will discourage patrons from tossing their trash in them.

Limit Disposable Items

Restrict items that can be brought in and limit items that are available to visitors to help cut down on packaging or other takeaway trash. Consider what your audience needs to happily attend the event and, in addition, what they may want to make the experience better. For example, if you’re event has food vendors, have napkins, condiments and utensils readily available. If the event is large, offer maps to attendees.

Create Restricted Areas

While this isn’t always possible, restricting certain areas helps keep litter confined to specific areas. Containing the trash in designated spots will make cleanup easier when your celebration is over.

Rent a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster helps streamline the tidying up process at your event. Use a large roll off dumpster for waste to cut down on your overall cleanup efforts. This also means that when trash cans fill up, you have a place to empty the bins as you go. When you work with us, you can also share where you would like the dumpster placed, so it’s located in a convenient or discreet location.