Whether you’re looking to store boots in your closet, entryway, or garage, there are plenty of smart boot storage options that’ll work for your space. From classic ideas like closet shelving to not-so-obvious ones like installing inverted dowels on your closet floor, the possibilities are endless for beating boot clutter.

We’re sharing 16 of the best boot storage ideas and giving handy tips for what options work best with certain boot styles.

Stack Them

If you already have dedicated shelving for shoes in your closet, factor in your boots by adjusting the height of a few shelves. Virtually, all closet systems have adjustable shelves, making it easy to boost one shelf’s height to accommodate the shafts of your tallest pair of boots.

Store Them on a Rack

Simple shoe shelves designed to sit at the bottom of a closet are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. Metal shelves can often accommodate a few pairs of shoes per shelf thanks to their durability. Pop your boots on the top shelf and you’re good to go.

Get Them Up High

Placing boots above your clothes will give you a better sightline between your clothes and boots, making it simple to see what colors and styles complement each other. Too often, boots are hidden on the floor of a closet, which makes selecting a pair more of an afterthought.