Moving is a complex process as it is, but moving out of the state or across the country? That adds a whole other level of planning.

Long distance moves can take months to plan and execute. Try to be proactive to avoid too many responsibilities piling up. It is also important to be intentional about what you bring with you and what you leave behind when you move.

Look at every part of the moving process as a fresh start, even the tasks that seem tedious and difficult. These packing tips for a long distance move will greatly reduce your stress level and allow you to embrace the excitement of moving to a new place.

Getting Rid Of Large Items

There will be a point in the moving process when you ask yourself what not to move long distance. When this occurs, start with the big items first like furniture, appliances, mattresses, and exercise equipment.

Chances are, it does not make logistical or financial sense to bring all of these large items to your new home in another state. They may not fit the layout or vibe of your new place, or they may just take up too much room in the moving truck.

If you are not selling your old furniture or appliances, or there are large items that are broken that you need to get rid of, make this step of the process easier for yourself and hire a service.

Getting Rid Of Small Items

Now you can move on to the smaller items. Packing up a property can seem like a daunting task, but it is also an opportunity to get rid of belongings you do not need.

Best packing supplies for moving

Make sure you have all of the necessary materials to make the move easier, to keep your breakables in one piece and to speed up the packing process.

  • boxes
  • packing tape
  • bubble wrap
  • trash bags
  • labels
  • sharpie
  • scissors

Whether it is clothes, small household items, or junk you have been meaning to get rid of for a while now, be strategic about what will make the cross country trek with you and what should be left behind.

Getting rid of old items to make room for something new can actually be very therapeutic. Aside from making the move easier by bringing less items, it can also help you get inspired in what you want to replace and how you want to design your new home.

After packing, do not add another chore by having to fill up your car with everything you are getting rid of, and taking trips back and forth from your local donation center.

C&C Disposal will come to your house and get rid of your household garbage, your old decorations, and whatever else you need disposed of.