Much in the same way you had to declutter your space prior to the sale, you’re probably going to have to do the same decluttering process afterwards, as well. Are there items still around that you actually were hoping won’t get sold so you can hold on to them yourself?

Maybe the old couch you had at your parent’s place holds some good memories. Go through the decluttering of your home process again to identify what you really need.

Take a unique spin on trying another garage sale.

A good practice if you’re still trying to sell off your items and aren’t quite ready for donation is to list the remaining items online.

Resources online like the Facebook Marketplace, EBay and Freecycle are good places to start.

What to do with garage sale leftovers?

The process to getting rid of leftover junk after a garage sale really isn’t all that different from preparing for the sale in the first place. You’ll want to identify what items you need removed, and what you want to keep in your home.

The end goal, however, is the same: getting the useless junk out. It’s just that now there are different steps you’ll need to take.

Chances are, you’ve stumbled across the blog because you’ve tried the other avenues. You’ve recycled, you’ve even tried to sell off your items. The issue, however, still remains. You might be left wondering who can help you pickup after a garage sale?

Simply put, clutter just doesn’t go away with one simple step. Rather, it can build up daily in between the hustle and bustle of life’s daily activities.

One quick cleaning day won’t help you learn how to organize garage clutter for good. Rather it’s the ongoing commitment to declutter the garage that will keep your space nice and clean!

Best way to deal with a cluttered garage? Donate items.

That’s why it’s a good idea to bring items to charities and other donation centers that can take old items to repurpose them. Not only are you getting rid of your useless junk items, you’re potentially helping out another family who can use it.