Carpet removal is no easy task, but believe it or not, it can be done on your own. Here’s more about DIY carpet removal.


First, ensure a clear working space. Remove all furniture and take down any doors that open into the room that could disrupt your work space. Next, put on a dust mask to prevent dust inhalation and put on a pair of gloves to protect your hands during the carpet removal process.

Tacked Carpet

Most wall-to-wall carpets are attached to the walls using tack strips. Use a pair of pliers to grab a piece of carpet and pull, using your hands to help as you move down the perimeter of the room. Fold the carpet back and begin cutting it into strips with a utility knife as you go. Cutting the carpet into strips is a popular option because it prevents you from being left with one big, heavy piece of carpet to roll up and dispose of.

Stapled Carpets

Some carpet pads are stapled to the floor. Removing all these individual staples one by one is an impossibly time-consuming endeavor. This was why floor scrapers were invented. These bladed tools are available in sharp or dull blades and are sold at your local home improvement store. Use this tool to scrape the staples off. Your back is sure to thank you.

Glued Carpet Pads

Carpet pads are often glued onto concrete floors. This is another instance in which a floor scraper can come in handy. Use the scraper blade to scratch off the carpet pad so you can start the new flooring process.

After Carpet Removal…

When you’ve got an old carpet that has to go, reach out to us at C&C Disposal to schedule a pickup.