1. Canva - Warm Tips

Oh, look, it’s getting cooler outside … finally. Since we’re about to embark on a few months of freezing weather, we figured we’d warm you up with these hot winter recycling tips!

1. Avoid putting recycling bags (and garbage bags, for that matter) directly on the ground, especially if there’s ice. The bags can freeze, stick, and rip, spilling junk everywhere.

2. Curb your recycling in the mornings on pickup days. It’s tempting to put them out overnight, but bad weather could come through and dumps snow all over the bins or knocks them over.

3. Recycle or donate old appliances, electronics, clothing, and other stuff. People get new stuff for Christmas every year, and unfortunately, that often means old stuff gets thrown out.

If you get new winter gear (or clothes in general), game consoles, TVs, or anything else, please donate your old stuff to charity and recycle broken items. We’ll gladly recycle them for ya!

4. Mulch, compost, or repurpose Christmas plants (tree, wreath, etc.). Christmas trees make great firewood and it saves the waste of throwing them in the trash.

5. Don’t throw your old or broken Christmas lights in the recycling bin. Throwing lights in the recycling bin can be dangerous and risk starting a fire. Drop them off at your local recycling center instead! It’s much a much safer route.