2. Canva - Business Recycling

Business owners have loaded schedules. Executives have a lot of important stuff to think about. The chances are good that if you’re in one of these categories, recycling at the workplace might not always be top of mind.

The truth is there’s some stuff you just can’t toss in the trash. Here are a few examples…

1. Appliances. Sometimes it’s a microwave that’s been with the company since 1989. Other times it’s a refrigerator that’s smelling so foul the employees are planning a revolt.

Every company’s been there, but as tempting as it is, you can’t just send these appliances to the dump.

2. Batteries. That’s right — all of them. To save trips to the recycling center, put a box in a convenient location where employees can toss their dead batteries, then have the batteries recycled once it’s full.

It’s important to mention that while throwing batteries in the trash is harmful to the environment, it can have other problems, too. For example, lithium-ion batteries can explode and start fires in garbage cans and trucks.

3. Electronics. Upgraded your computers recently? Finally got a new printer? Sweet! Your employees are probably pumped about it. Just don’t throw your old electronics in the trash.

If they’re still usable, sell them or donate them. If they’re worthless, send them to your nearest recycling center.

4. Fluorescent lightbulbs and lamps. Fluorescents have mercury in them, which means they’re illegal to throw in the trash. A quick tip: put them in a box with newspaper to keep them from breaking en route to the recycling center.

5. Daily recyclables. We’re talking about things like boxes, coffee pods, paper, plastic bags, etc. It can be easy to simply throw these things in the trash to save money on recycling pickup.

Have recycling bins available for everyone at your company and sign up for a weekly recycling pickup.