2. Spring Cleaning

Ready to add a beneficial to-do to your spring cleaning checklist? Get rid of the things you don’t need anymore. As you’re going through, we recommend making three piles: things you’d like to keep, ones that are in good enough shape to be donated or sold, and things that should be thrown away or recycled. Now that you know how to do it, these are the items you can evaluate while on your spring decluttering spree.

Spring Decluttering: What You Can Get Rid of Now

Clothes and shoes: With the switch of the seasons, did you discover a whole side of your wardrobe that no longer suits you? It’s a great time to clear your closet and donate those articles of clothing that are simply taking up space. When deciding what can be donating and what should be thrown away, do a quick inspection for stains and holes. For shoes, take a look at the bottoms to see if they are worn out.

Old winter gear: Did that old sled see its last snowstorm? Did your snowblower break down and you bought a replacement? If you won’t need old winter gear for next year, skip the storage and get rid of it now.

Toys: Now’s the perfect time to go through the kids’ toy collection to see what they still like and what they’re done playing with.

Books: How did you spend chilly winter mornings? If it’s with a good book, you might have established quite the collection already! Make more space on your shelf by setting aside the books you don’t plan to re-read. Either pass them along to a friend or find a place where you can donate them. Some libraries will take the books you don’t want anymore.