1. Old Tires

Old tires are notoriously challenging to get rid of because you can’t simply put them out on your curb with your trash or recycling, and you certainly don’t want them left on your property. While it can take some work, there are many benefits of recycling old tires.

Why You Shouldn’t Trash Old Tires

Did you know trapped rainwater attracts rodents, mosquitoes, and other pests? Tires are notorious for storing rain water and can provide the perfect environment for unwanted, dangerous pests.

Tires take up excessive amounts of valuable space in landfills. It is estimated that our country throws out about 290 million tires every year.

Tires trap methane emissions and create a fire risk. Tire fires are extremely difficult to extinguish.

The Benefits of Recycling Old Tires

Recycled tires can be turned into fuel. They are a popular alternative to fossil fuels because tires aren’t a limited resource. Plus, they even produce more energy than other fuel options!

More ways tires are recycled. Besides fuel, a few of these new uses can include being turned into hot-melt asphalt pavement, flooring, crumb rubber modifier, playground equipment, and artificial turf.

The rims from tires can be recycled, too. Once the rims are removed, they are recycled separately while the tires are shredded. First, the rims and weights are removed from the tire. They are recycled separately. Next, the tires are typically shredded or ground with a tire shredder. The rims are then sold off as scrap metal for other various uses.