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Whether you love or hate cooking, having cluttered kitchen countertops does not inspire anyone to pick up a frying pan, much less hang out in there. If you have ever felt stressed around a chaotic kitchen countertop, know it’s been shown that clutter triggers the stress hormone cortisol. Who needs another reason to feel stressed out, right?

Decluttering isn’t just good for your stress levels, but you’re actually more likely to lose weight in a kitchen with organized counters and cabinets. A study found that people eat twice as many calories in cluttered kitchens compared to organized kitchens.

Never underestimate the mind’s role in the bingeing. Feeling out of control brings about many unhealthy habits, but luckily decluttering is a surefire way to defeat out of control areas. So, let’s start taming and decluttering your kitchen with these easy steps so you can get back to enjoying the heart of your home.

Depending on how bad your kitchen is, get ready for some pretty satisfying work. It’s a lot and not easy, but there’s something about transforming a messy and confusing kitchen to a fresh and organized one. Even if your kitchen is only somewhat untidy but you’re starting to avoid spending time in there, just a bit of organization in your kitchen can make a big difference.

Don’t waste time setting up, only to realize you’re missing a cleaning rag, or you grabbed the wrong spray, etc. Get your cleaning supplies together first to forgo the pause and go process.

Also, get in clothes that you don’t care for just in case you end up with bleach stains. If your kitchen cabinets are full to the brim with kitchen appliances, pots and pans, canned goods, old coffee makers, or you don’t remember when the last time you saw the tops of the cabinet shelves was, be ready for anything to go down.

Here are things you need to declutter your kitchen efficiently:

Trash: Trash bags… For obvious reasons…

Space: Somewhere to lay everything out so you can examine things to keep or get rid of.

Boxes: For storing things in the attic or as donate, sell, or recycle boxes.

Cleaning Supplies: Get your favorite cleaning products. For example: vinegar or dish detergent for grease, a couple rags to keep in rotation to ensure you always use a clean one, paper towels, you get the picture.