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Did you just move in with your significant other or maybe just a long-time roommate? Are you looking around your home and just now realizing that you both had stacked up enough home goods to furnish a mansion?

Not only do you have multiples of a lot of the major items in your home, but you also now have two sets of everyday items. When this happens, it’s time to declutter after moving in together.

Removing the Clutter

When most people move in together, they already have tons of plates and other dishes, kitchen utensils, silverware, pizza cutters, wine openers, coffee mugs, and not to mention all the extra clutter in other rooms too. It seems that when moving in together, combining stuff is the next logical step.

Now, how do you determine what needs to be stored for later and what stuff needs to be thrown out and gotten rid of?

The best ways to go about picking and choosing between your hand-me-down home or kitchen items and amazing HomeGoods finds versus the new shacked up people in your life, is to follow these guidelines.

Moving in Together Advice: Decluttering as a Couple

Keep the heirlooms. You may want to get rid of these one day or you may want to pass them down to your future kids, but getting rid of them when you move in together isn’t the best way to deal with your family treasures.

What can be thrown away? Broken, moldy, or just plain gross. Maybe you have not used it in years, and if you did want to use it, you know you would just buy a new one anyway.

What about those TVs? Should you get rid of your TV or should he? First off, keep the better tv; duh. Also, there are other places you could still keep both TVs such as your bedroom, guest room, office, or playroom.
If you don’t need to keep both TVs, why not have us pick up the unwanted TV to haul it to a TV and electronics recycling facility or donate it to a local charity?

Bathroom clutter has got to go. One thing that is the hardest to deal with when you move in together is not having enough storage in the bathroom. Get rid of anything you have not used in one year, especially toiletries and cosmetics. These items do expire.

What about the furniture? If your new home does not have enough room to store two beds, two couches, two coffee tables, two lounge chairs, etc., you will just have to start making some tough decisions. Typically, you could probably get a return on some of these items by trying to sell them at a “we just moved in together garage sale.”
You could try your hand at selling on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, but if you just want to get rid of them, why not rest easy in your new home by booking furniture removal online. This way, you can get back to the fun part of moving in together.