While part of being a property manager means doing some cleaning up behind recently vacated tenants, you usually don’t expect to have to move their furniture and take out mountains of their trash. With so much work to do already on your plate — advertising, screening tenants, listing vacancies, calling contractors, and preparing for viewings — the last thing you have the time and energy for is getting rid of all the junk that was left behind.


Luckily, there are residential junk hauling services for property managers that are affordable and on-demand.


Here are some examples of less-than-desirable tenants who might cause situations in which you would benefit from hiring a junk removal company to do the task for you.


Clean out pricing depends largely on the size of the job. A three-bedroom apartment on the third floor will cost a bit more than a one-bedroom ranch, but in the end, home and apartment junk removal services will save you time and money.


Eviction Clean Outs

Many times, these tenants don’t have the time or money to pack everything up and take it with them or to properly dispose of the things they don’t want to keep. Of course, quite a few of these types of tenants leave their junk behind because they just plain don’t care. Whatever the reason, you’re still the one who is left to handle the problem.


Hiring a junk removal company to remove and dispose of the items the tenant left behind is a smart move in this situation. Eviction clean out prices vary based on the number of items and the difficulty of the job. However, it will save you several hours’ worth of hard work and will prevent you from potentially having to handle some overwhelmingly nasty trash.


College Students

While renting out property in college towns can be very lucrative, there have been plenty of horror stories told by property managers about having college students as tenants. Since this is most likely their first time living away from home and they tend to be a less mature demographic, students can be notorious for causing damage to property and leaving their belongings behind when moving out.

Since renting in a college town also means a high tenant turnover rate, you’ll want to seriously consider hiring a junk removal company to get the property cleaned out quickly so you can get it ready for the next tenant as soon as possible.


Friends and Family

Many landlords have fallen into the unfortunate trap of renting their property out to friends or family members who turned out to be less-than-ideal tenants than originally expected. Because there is an already existing personal relationship, this can make it easier for the tenant to take advantage.

They may assume that it’s OK to abandon their unwanted and unused stuff on your property, giving the excuse that they’ll be back to get it soon, or maybe just choosing to ignore you and refusing to return your calls and messages.


This is most likely the most painful situation in which you would need to call a junk removal company to help you reclaim your space, but also a necessary one.


While you may not want to burn any bridges in your personal life, you also depend on the income your property could be generating instead of serving as a glorified storage facility.



Getting rid of squatters can be one of the most horrific experiences of your career as a property manager, possibly even of your life.


You’re going to want to call in a professional junk hauler in this situation for the same reasons as in the case of an eviction, but this situation is like having an eviction on steroids. Once you’re finally able to force them out, most squatters will completely trash the property before vacating it.


Opting to have a junk removal service get rid of unwanted items and materials from your rental property can seriously streamline your work as a property manager or landlord.