Getting rid of household clutter you no longer need is a surefire way to keep a home clean, organized and clutter free! As we all know, clutter will hold you back in your home life more than just not being able to easily find things when you need them.


Whether it’s because of sentimentality, worrying that we might need it again someday, or just out of pure laziness, most of us still have things that we never use anymore, but we all feel better when we clear away all the old stuff to make room for the new.

Now, you don’t have to go for ascetic minimalism and throw out everything you own. The goal here is to let go of all the unnecessary stuff that’s taking up your home and your life.


  1. Unclutter Your Clothing

Uncluttering your clothes pile might be one of the easiest yet difficult things to accomplish. Some of the clothes might remind you of better times or sweet, cherished memories of loved ones. Others might be a reminder that maybe you’ll fit into them again. What about all those socks that don’t match? Where is the sock’s better half? The dryer? Toss out those outdated formal wear, old, smelly shoes, unworn clothing, clothing that just doesn’t fit and those single socks.


  1. Unclutter Your Kitchen

If you look far enough into the back of your refrigerator or that one cabinet in the kitchen, you might find something a little unsavory. What about your spice rack with stale spices? From freezer burned foods to appliance manuals that belong to items that no longer exist in the house, it’s time to unclutter it all. Many people collect cookbooks that are rarely opened. What about keeping the recipes you like and donating or recycling the books? And it’s probably a good idea to toss out all that expired food every couple of weeks before you go shopping.


  1. Unclutter Your Bathroom

There’s still enough shampoo left in the bottle that if you add water to it, maybe it’ll suds up enough to create foam and a good clean? Right? No. You shouldn’t be holding onto them in the first place, and you know it. Thrown them out. That and partially used soaps. Believe it or not, things like makeup, facial care products, hair products, and lotions go bad or lose their effectiveness after a while. If you still have stuff you bought over a year ago, throw it away.