Spend less money and start fresh in your new home with our decluttering checklist for moving.

How to Decide What to Get Rid of When Moving

Moving can be a stressful time, but on the upside, it forces you to get rid of all the junk you’ve been holding onto. It’s also easier and cheaper when you have less to pack and load onto the moving truck.

Why Should I Declutter My House Before Moving?

Decluttering before a move — instead of throwing everything into boxes — will make unpacking in your new home a little less stressful. Here’s why you should pare down your belongings:

Lower transportation costs: One of the factors moving companies use to calculate costs is the total weight. So, the less you have to move, the more you save.

Fewer dollars spent on packing supplies: The more you pack, the more moving materials you’ll need, like boxes, bubble wrap and furniture blankets, which means more money spent on supplies.

It’s better for the environment: Less to pack means fewer packing materials, so you’ll have less waste to send to the landfill when you unbox everything. Having less items also means less weight on the truck, which can help reduce fuel consumption.

Less time spent packing: If you get rid of your unwanted items before you pack, you’ll have less to box up, speeding up the process.

Extra room in your budget: If you choose to sell any items you won’t be taking with you, you’ll make a little extra cash, which always comes in handy during a move.

More space in your new home: If you’re moving to a home with less closet and storage space, getting rid of things before you get there will make it easier to find a place for everything.