While xeriscape design is a great way to help your yard during a drought, it isn’t the only option.

Artificial Landscaping

For people who may not have as much time for lawn upkeep, installing synthetic plants or artificial turf may be the best option. When considering artificial turf, keep in mind that maintenance is still required, although nearly as often as with natural grass. Additionally, turf tends to hold heat more than natural grass and there will be installation costs involved.

For synthetic plants, which can last up to a decade with proper upkeep, make sure you select UV-protected items. The kind made out of polyethylene blend tend to last the longest. Then, simply plant them as if they were a living shrub, flower or tree.

Gardening Tools for Water Conservation

A number of products that will help make conserving water easier, while also helping you with yard maintenance. Of those tools, the most important may be a rain barrel.

A rain barrel collects rain water so that it can be re-used on your landscaping during drought periods. The reason it’s so useful during water restrictions is that it lets you water your yard when your normal water provider won’t. All you have to do is attach a hose to the rain barrel’s spigot “for spot-watering any struggling areas.”

Other items include a thumb-controlled hose nozzle, wind-resistant sprinkler, super duty hose and electronic water timer.

Enjoy A Yard That Saves Water and Looks Great

Different areas of the country have different trends. Whether it’s clothing, music or house style, variety is prevalent. So why should landscaping be any different?

Whether you choose xeriscape design, some other version of water conservation landscaping or to simply use artificial turf and synthetic plants, you’re ready to weather any drought. As long as you like how your yard looks, that’s what matters. Enjoy it to the fullest.