When you start searching for ‘pest control’ recommendations, you’re likely to find all kinds of harsh chemical products, articles filled with misleading info, and images of people spraying pesticides around their homes.

But how do you protect your home from pests without the use of harsh chemicals? What are the safest and most effective ways to find pests and keep them outside and away from your house? This simple guide will help you know exactly what steps you should take to start managing and preventing pest populations around your home.

Think Like a Pest

Before performing your own pest control, it’s important to get into the right mindset. Approach pest control with patience and understand that it might take some time to get control of an issue. Pest control is a long-term goal, not a short-term fix.

Start by thinking about your pest issue. Think about when the activity started, where you’re seeing it, what time of day the pests are active, and what could be attracting the pests to your home in the first place.

Depending on the pest, you’re going to need to be prepared to get dirty, climb ladders, access small, dark spaces like the attic or crawlspace, and potentially use some tools to get the job finished. Dress accordingly, including:

  • boots
  • pants
  • long sleeves
  • gloves (nitrile is best)
  • eye protection
  • mask

Protect Your Environment and Stay Away From Sprays

Spraying of any kind (even essential oils) should be avoided, especially at first Homeowners can end up wasting lots of time and money trying to use sprays and at-home remedies. All the while, time is passing, and their pest issue is getting worse.

When pest control is done right, sprays and chemical products of any kind are used minimally, if at all, and always in tandem with other control measures.

Don’t Bring Pests Home

Did you know that pests love the grocery store? It is surprisingly easy to bring pests home from the store, especially cockroaches and pantry pests. If you’re bringing home cardboard produce boxes or pantry goods purchased in the bulk section, be careful!

Try to leave grocery store cardboard outside, and be sure to look over your grocery store items before bringing them into your home. Ideally, look them over twice: once in the store, and once before you bring them inside.