These Valentine’s games are going to make your kids’ Valentine’s Day classroom party a whole lot of fun! No matter what size of a group of children you have, these games should work wonderfully.

The great thing about these Valentine’s party games is that they don’t require you to purchase anything for them. All the supplies you’ll need are clearly listed under each game and should be items that you already have around your home or classroom.

There are rules for each Valentine’s Day game but don’t afraid to change them to fit the age of the kids or size of the group. You may just come up with your own unique Valentine’s party game!

Valentine’s Day Minute to Win It

These 11 Valentine’s Day-themed Minute to Win It games are a great addition to your set of valentine games for a classroom party or any other February get-together. Based on a TV game show, Minute to Win It games are 60-second challenges that use common items to complete. This set of games includes heart stack, a heart puzzle, ring toss, and a word scramble.

Who Do You Love?

This Valentine’s Party game is reminiscent of musical chairs, but there’s no music involved. All kids, save for one, sit in chairs arranged in a circle. The standing children pick a seated child to ask “who do you love?” The seated child answers with something they love, such as “I love the color pink” or “I love dogs.” Any child who also loves pink or dogs must stand up and scramble to find another seat. The child who doesn’t get a seat is then “it.”

Valentine Mad Libs

Kids will love creating silly stories with these Valentine’s Day mad libs. Have kids work in partners, and then each duo can share their silly stories with everyone when all are finished. There are three printable Valentine’s Day mad libs here: Cupid’s Delivery, Puppy Love, and Be My Valentine.