If you think that you need to spend all day decluttering your home, think again. Using strategic 15-minute cutter sweeps for every room in your home will get it in organized shape in no time. Follow these instructions for each room (or space) in your home with specific points on how to declutter that space in 15 minutes or less.

Bathroom Declutter in 15 Minutes

If your bathroom is so cluttered that you feel like you can’t find anything, this clutter sweep will fix that. This process should take between 15 and 20 minutes depending on the size of your bathroom and how long it’s been since you’ve taken the time to declutter it.

What you need: A timer, a trash bin, a hamper, a recycling bin, and a catch-all bin

Place your hamper in the doorway and step inside the bathroom.

Toss any dirty hand towels, face cloths, and bath towels into your hamper.

Replace dirty towels with fresh ones from the linen closet.

Move any laundry from the floor into the hamper.

Trash or recycle items like used tissues, empty toiletry bottles, and empty paper towel rolls.

Fill your catch-all bin or bag with anything that belongs in another room. Look especially for things that don’t belong in the bathroom, like clothing, shoes, and jewelry.

Go over the sink and countertop, replacing items that are out of place.

Next, do the same in your drawers and under the sink.

Re-store any items that found their way into the wrong spot.

Take the hamper to the laundry room.