Refrigerators are the most commonly used appliance in many kitchens. So when it suddenly stops working, it can cause a major problem and inconvenience for your whole family. Avoid a situation like this by learning to recognize the signs of a fridge on the fritz. Here’s what you need to know about refrigerator removal and replacement.

Signs it’s Time for Refrigerator Removal & Replacement

  • Food is either spoiling or freezing. In the event that the temperature settings you used to rely upon are no longer delivering consistent results, your refrigerator is not getting the job done anymore.
  • If you notice your energy bills are higher than usual. Depending on the age of your fridge, you may have an inefficient model that uses too much electricity. Check for an Energy Star sticker on your model. If you don’t see one, you should consider trading up to one that does. It’s easier on your wallet and the environment.
  • It produces condensation. If you’re seeing beads of sweat or puddles inside or outside of your refrigerator, it’s a sign that something is wrong. It could be the seals around the doors or something more serious.
  • It’s overheating. If high temperatures are emanating from the back of your refrigerator, it can potentially be dangerous and a fire hazard. It’s an indication that your fridge needs to be serviced immediately. Overheating often means there is a problem with the insulation surrounding the coils. Unfortunately, it might also mean that it’s time for a replacement.
  • It’s a side-by-side design. Because this type of fridge is the most costly to replace, it’s advisable to replace your model with a bottom-freezer type if it’s more than five years old.