2. Canva - Bar of Soap

Even if you’re a fan of liquid soap, don’t abandon the old-fashioned bar of soap because it can be used to do some pretty amazing things around your home. You can even make your own liquid soap!

Simply choose your favorite brand and scent or bring home the complimentary bars from hotels. Here are a few reasons to keep a bar of soap handy.

Fix Sticky Drawers and Sliding Doors

When drawers or sliding doors won’t open smoothly, rub the bar of soap on the edges of the drawers or in the door tracks to make everything glide easily.

Freshen Dresser Drawers, Closets, Suitcases, and Cars

Before you use soap bars, get double duty by storing scented soap bars in dresser drawers, closets, suitcases, and car interiors to add freshness. Remove any outer wrapping and wrap the bars in a bit of fabric (an old washcloth works great) and tuck them away. Works great in smelly shoes and boots, too.

Make Furniture Assembly Easier

Whether you are a master woodworker or simply struggling to put together an IKEA bookcase, starting screws into wood can be difficult. Make it easier by coating the threads of the screw with a bit of bar soap. In the workshop, use a bar of soap to make an easy-to-remove mark as a cutting guide. Then use the bar to coat the teeth of a handsaw so it will glide through the wood.

Hide a Mistake

If you have a few little nail holes visible in walls after moving pictures, select a bar of soap that matches your wall color. Rub it over the hole to fill it in until it’s time to spackle the hole and repaint.

Prevent Paint Splatters

When it’s time to paint trim next to glass panes or mirrors, rub a bar of soap onto the glass next to the trim. If you get a bit of paint on the glass, the soap makes it easy to remove and this method is a lot faster than taping off windows.

Loosen a Stiff Lock

If a door lock is stiff, drag the key over a dry bar of soap to coat the surface. Insert the coated key into the lock and operate it a few times. The lock should become easier to use.