1. Canva - Rubbing Alchol

Just about everyone has a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the medicine cabinet. You need it for its antiseptic properties, but you can use it lots of other ways. It’s time to put that bottle to work. Here are 10 handy household uses for rubbing alcohol.

Remove Permanent Marker

Permanent marker isn’t as permanent as the name suggests. Use rubbing alcohol to remove it from hard surfaces such as countertops, plastic, and a myriad of other places. Just dab it on the spot and wipe clean. This is a great tip to keep in mind when you come across a yard sale find that someone has put their name on.

Make Your Own Ice Packs

Save some money by making your own ice packs. All you need is rubbing alcohol and water. And a plastic bag.

Clean Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors have a way of collecting a buildup of hairspray and splashes of toothpaste. Just spray the mirror with rubbing alcohol and wipe it clean. It’ll take off all the gunk and leave you with a streak-free shine. You can also use rubbing alcohol to remove hairspray from your bathroom sink, floor, hairbrushes, and any other styling tools.

Degrease Your Kitchen

Tackle that grease buildup on your stove, countertops, and cabinets by wiping them down with a sponge or rag that’s been soaked in rubbing alcohol. It’s quick, easy, and effective.