3. Canva - Dorm Moving

Many students will leave all their unwanted items in the room and let the residence or dorm hall throw it in the dumpster for them. Not only is this inconvenient for the schools, but this also adds unnecessary waste into our landfills when most of the old items could be donated to local charities, nonprofits or less fortunate students the next semester.

Whether you are in charge of clearing out thousands of rooms or you are moving to your next living situation, we are the best solution to make every college dorm clean again.

If you are a student, your first year of college has come to an end and it’s move out day. Now you have to decide what to take and what to leave behind.

If you are a college and university administration department you are probably realizing right now that more than half of the dorm rooms have been abandoned with unwanted clothes, microwaves, notebooks and that sure-to-be gross mattress.

Here are our tips for a smooth college dorm clean out for students and universities.

Moving Out of the College Dorm

The semester is over and move out day is here.

It’s no surprise that most college students end up accumulating a lot of stuff over the course of a semester or two and can find themselves with too much stuff on move-out day. From the excitement of decorating your new room, to learning to thrift or that first paycheck you spent on a new #thirsttrap outfit, it may all seem like a pile of junk when it comes time to move out of your dorm or apartment.

Do not leave it all in your room! There are plenty of better ways to get rid of your junk, make some money or have it hauled away without the stress.

3 Tips for Clearing Out Your College Dorm or Apartment Rental

Here are some tips for how to get rid of stuff when you’re moving out of the dorm room.

Host a sale – Who doesn’t need the extra cash? Not only are online yard sale groups or Facebook Marketplace easier than ever, you don’t have to haul your old items outside and site around all day. Instead, post your items online a month before move out date and start making that money now! #beermoney

Donate to a charity or thrift store – Find out which charities accept donations and feel good about getting rid of your old stuff while helping others out.

Organize a drop off point and hire a bulk junk removal company – Get with your friends and see how much stuff you have to get rid of combined. You can either hire a company to get rid of all of it and split the price or if you just have one item to get rid of, C&C Disposal will pick up and haul away single items, as well.