5. Canva - Eco Friendly Shopping

When it comes to shopping, there are lots of ways to be eco-friendly and cut down on your carbon footprint. While it’s easier said than done because we are all consumers, this does not mean that we can’t shop in several green, sustainable, and environmentally responsible ways.

If you are wondering how you can shop more environmentally friendly, follow our 15 tips and suggestions below for a sustainable shopping strategy. You’ll be feeling much better about your impact on the planet and our green future, plus you’ll even learn tricks to eco-shopping.


Buy Local

Whenever you possibly can, buy products from local stores and sellers. You’re buying things that weren’t shipped in from the other side of the world when you shop local.

Companies release a lot of potentially toxic pollution into the air and waste a lot of natural resources through shipping products. If you buy products that were made or harvested locally, you cut out this problem altogether.


Buy Seasonal

Another way to shop green is to buy produce while it is in season. If you’re buying foods that are out of season and grown in remote parts of the world, you are inadvertently encouraging products to be shipped over long distances.

For instance, instead of buying strawberries in the fall, buy produce that’s in-season (like apples) and wait until strawberries are in season again to buy them.


Buy Used

When it comes to buying stuff, try to buy used items instead of brand new. There are lots of products that you can buy or trade through various sites that you might mistake as new.

When you buy used, not only are you saving money, but you’re cutting down on waste and energy consumption, too.