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It’s time to admit that being at home has caused us to notice the little things about our house that bug us. While the drawer used for random junk is piling high, the excuses for not going through it are dwindling. Let’s get off the couch and start organizing.

Getting rid of clutter and arranging household items makes it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. It’s great for us to imagine but having a family can slow us down. It’s not surprising that kids don’t want to put in effort when tidying up their room, but what if it was fun for them as well? It would take a lot less time if they wanted to participate.

We are here to teach you some tips and tricks on how to make organizing and decluttering a family friendly activity. By the end of your tasks, your family will have quality time together and you will no longer have to worry about any closets overflowing.

The Fast Vanishing Clutter Game

Kids find nothing more exciting than a new game. It’s also a lot of fun for them and helps engage their minds. Organizing and games don’t sound like they go together but combining them creates a great environment for everyone. So, what are you waiting for?

When you think of children’s games, which one comes to your mind first? Is it musical chairs? Perhaps tag? Whichever game you decide, time was probably of the essence. Children have short attention spans. Adding a countdown to any game makes it more exciting.

The Fast Vanishing Clutter Game is exactly what you might have already guessed; a way to get rid of as much clutter as you can in the shortest amount of time. Whether it’s that pesky junk drawer or your kitchen pantry, be ready to throw out as many unnecessary items as you can.

Pack Attack

One of the most crucial moments in organizing is placing your household items into those great new containers you saw at the store. You know, the ones everyone keeps forgetting to use. You already know what items need to go in which container. The tricky part is knowing how to get your kids involved without hearing complaints.

Let’s be honest. Tetris was one of the best games of our childhood. Thankfully, it’s great training for real packing. Why not take a lesson from it and turn packing into a real-life game?

Pack Attack is a game that makes you think about the best way to fit items into the space you’ve allotted for them. The objective of the game is to pack as many of the objects you provide them into their container as they can. Make sure they count the items along the way.

Whoever can neatly stack the most objects into their container first wins the game. We will leave the option to make it a timed game up to you, but it does add a little more excitement.

You may notice once you’re finished that there are some extra games, toys, or other items that didn’t fit into the containers. You can pile these up and have them ready to be removed speedily. That extra clutter will be out of sight and mind before you know it. Soon enough, you’ll be able to move onto the next organizing game.

Scavenger Hunt

Making a list of what you own is important when organizing. It’ll help you visually see what you should consider getting rid of and what to keep. These tough choices will be made easy.

From an old swing set to the rusty tools you used to build it, there’s a lot of decisions to be made. The idea of a scavenger hunt may sound out of the ordinary for decluttering, but it could be one of the most useful tricks to getting everyone involved.

Scavenger hunts are a blast at any age. Yes, even for adults. Planning out a scavenger hunt around your house with things that you are trying to organize is an innovative technique. Who wouldn’t enjoy bonding and organizing rolled into one action-packed sleuthing game?

Begin by identifying parts of your home that you want decluttered or organized.

For example, you could set your mind on reorganizing your kid’s stuffed animals or decluttering the clothes in their closet that they’ve grown out of.

Come up with riddles which create an atmosphere that makes them feel like detectives searching for the next piece of the puzzle.

Your clues will lead them to the places you want to shape up.

The only way for everyone to find the next clue is by organizing and decluttering together.

Once all the clues are found, everything will be in its place.

They cracked the case so be sure to have a prize waiting for them at the end for their work.

Now that the fun has come to an end, you can all relax in your new and improved home.


This might be the most important section of the whole blog. Above all else, children cherish getting a reward at the end of the day. Can you blame them? It’s a nice goal to move towards.

Pushing past the traditional gold star sticker, rewards come in all shapes and sizes. Although, it is hard to think of a good prize that benefits the whole family. Try out some of these ideas for rewards that provide quality time together after an awesome day of organizing.

Movies-The winner gets to pick a family friendly movie that everyone can watch.

Treats-The winner gets to pick a treat that the family can enjoy together.

Crafts-The winner gets to pick a craft that the family can participate in.

Music-The winner gets to pick an extra song for the family to listen to.

Games-The winner gets to pick the next game for the family to play.

These rewards will be fun for everyone and help your kids see the benefits of organizing.