Gallons of paint. (Photo by La Miko | Canva Images)

Gallons of paint. (Photo by La Miko | Canva Images)

When tearing out rooms or demolishing before remodeling, it’s essential to have something to put all the waste in.

You could pile it up in the backyard and hope it goes away (not a good plan) or you could haul it all out to a landfill by yourself.

Or, there’s a better option – call a company that rents out dumpsters like ours at C&C Disposal.

These containers, also called roll-offs, are typically seen at construction sites. But how does a regular homeowner go about getting one?

First, get to know the lingo.

This will help you feel more ‘knowledgeable’ when talking to a rentals company.

‘Dumpsters’, ‘roll-offs’ and ‘containers’ are all acceptable terms for these big metal boxes.

They are rented out in standard cubic yard sizes, but instead of saying ‘cubic yards’, you’re probably better off using the term ‘yarder.’

Next, your local building permit office or parking enforcement office can give you information about any permits required if you intend to put the dumpster on the street.

If you have space to put it in your own yard, then you won’t have these worries.

Lastly, when you speak to the company that rents dumpsters out like ours or when you talk with one of our staff, order a size larger than you think you’ll need.

Drywall, scrap wood and carpeting are waste products that take up a lot of space.