If you purchased a new home and are about to spend your first summer there, then there are a lot of changes and habits to get used to. One element to consider for the summer is your trash collection. Summer can lead to a lot of changes in weather, animal habits, and your own trash habits.

Instead of running into multiple problems along the way, check out this guide to fully prepare yourself for the summer months and allow your garbage service to go smoothly. With this guide, you will know what to expect and can apply a lot of the solutions to your own home and situation.

Summer Garbage Bin Locations

The warm summer weather can bring out a lot of different creatures. At night, you will notice flying bugs like mosquitoes and flies. You may also notice nocturnal animals like raccoons and possums who scavenge for food. The warmth of summer can create a lot of strong scents, but the last thing you want to do is leave garbage out for the taking.

During the week, keep your trash bins securely covered and blocked off from possible animal intruders. Ideally, you will want to store the bins in an indoor location like a garage or shed. If you do not have an indoor option, then consider a snap lock for the garbage bin. You could also place something heavy on the top like a cement block or a brick.

On the day of your trash pick-up, remove any locks or heavy items so garbage collectors do not run into issues when they come to collect the trash.

Weekly Hose-Downs

Heat and humidity can dramatically change the conditions of garbage. If a closed bin faces a whole day of sunlight, the inside garbage can become pretty gross. The heat can also cause bags to leak and spread all kinds of debris inside the bins.

After you get your garbage collected, consider a hose down before you return it back to its regular position. With a quick spray of the hose, you can rinse off any sticky residue or garbage debris that has fallen out of the bags. If left inside the bin, you could attract a lot of unwanted pests.

Along with larger pests, the sticky substances could attract flies and bees. You do not want to dodge bugs every time you take your garbage out. Once you rinse the garbage bin out, you could leave the bin tipped upside down to let all the moisture run out and ensure the bin gets completely dry before you add new trash.

Recycling Summer Drinks

The summer is ideal for refreshing drinks like lemonade, soda, beer, and flavored waters. You can place the bottles and cans into a recycling bin that comes separate from the garbage bin. Before you toss items into the bins, you should rinse the items out first.

Much like regular garbage, the heat can amplify the sweet smell left behind, attracting many different animals. Sticky liquids will also attract all kinds of bugs like ants. Rinse out the bottles and cans to remove any residual liquid or stickiness. Keep them in a small recycling bin inside your kitchen before you make the final transfer to the recycling bin. For outdoor events, use a hose to quickly rinse out the recyclable cans and bottles.

These small steps may seem like a chore, but they can make a big difference in the pests that visit your recycling bin. You also don’t need to worry about grabbing any sticky parts of the bin when you go to roll the bin out to the curb or when you bring the bin back inside.