2 gardening gloves

The most often used tools in the garden are the gardener’s hands. To protect them from thorns, chemicals, and the need for daily manicures, we use gardening gloves. There are two questions to ask when choosing gardening gloves. What will you be doing while using the gloves, and do they fit well enough to give your hands flexibility and control?

Gardening gloves can be made from leather, cotton, latex, neoprene, synthetic materials, or a combination of fabrics. How you wash them depends on the glove material. While no real gardener has pristinely clean gloves, you should wash gardening gloves thoroughly after handling chemicals or diseased plants to prevent spreading the problem and to help the gloves last.

What You’ll Need

Equipment / Tools

Sink or bucket

Washing machine

Mesh lingerie bag

Garden hose

Soft-bristled nylon brush

Microfiber or cotton washcloths


Regular laundry detergent

Saddle or leather soap

Leather conditioner

Bar of soap or dishwashing liquid