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For the ultimate BBQ this summer, pick up these simple tools to elevate your backyard party. This list of BBQ party essentials will split your planning time in half and allow you time to socialize with your guests and actually enjoy the day. Mark your next backyard BBQ on the calendar and start sending out invites! This checklist will help you get organized like a pro, stress-free, and with ease.

Lighting and Décor

Festive lighting is always helpful for setting the mood and getting everyone into the summer spirit. As the sun sets on those long, hot summer days, lighting helps transition you into an evening state of mind. The lights create a quiet foundation for the beautiful evening to unfold.

Outdoor Torches

Outdoor torches are a summer essential that provides additional outdoor lighting and potential protection from those pesky mosquitos. Invest in outdoor torches with citronella candles for maximum protection. But with or without citronella, they add a playful touch to your backyard.

Summer Beers

Light beer or summer ales are great to have on hand for beer drinkers at your party. Keep things simple by choosing only one or two beer options. The most important thing is to have the ice stocked to keep your beverages chilled. Offer a summer shandy as a cocktail idea.


Seriously, did you remember the ice? Ice is relatively inexpensive compared to other party details, so stock up! You will regret having to ask a friend to do an ice run in the midst of a party. Another idea is to ask that guest offering to contribute to the BBQ to grab a bag or two on their way. There is nothing more essential than ice when hosting an outdoor summer party.

Bug Repellent

If you are hosting an event outside, as a courtesy, bug repellent should be readily available for guests. Some visitors might opt to bring their own but this is often not the case. Purchasing bug spray seems to be easily forgotten in the middle of BBQ prep. The repellant might be as essential to a successful BBQ as the ice and grill itself. Keep away mosquitos, flies, ticks, and unwanted insect visitors when planning in advance.

Simple Appetizers

Guacamole and chips are a classic BBQ starter. Crostinis and bruschetta are also an easy and fun appetizer for any event. If you are worried about keeping guests full and satisfied, it’s always a safe bet to turn to a variety of bread appetizers which help keep costs low and tummy’s full. Plus they are usually no-cook or taste deliciously toasted over a charcoal grill.

Grill and Cooking Tools

A backyard BBQ is just not possible without the grill, and the tools you’ll need. Once you have your grill situation in order, it’s time to next think about what kind of starter pucks and charcoal you might use. You will also need to consider what kind of food will you be serving and what kind of utensils will be needed for prep. Think spatula, tongs, marinade brush, and more.