4. Canva - Recycling Paper

Recycling paper is super easy, but it must be kept dry and clean of contaminants.

When you put paper in your recycling bin, the best way to ensure that it doesn’t get rejected is to place it in there last so it’s on top of everything else. Once your other recyclables are clean, dry and in the bin, you can then put the paper on top and drag it all to the curb.

Shredded paper is more difficult to recycle than whole sheets, so if possible, use a black Sharpie to block out any personal information on your junk mail or other paperwork. Shredding paper reduces the fiber lengths, which makes it harder to recycle into new paper.

Not all paper is accepted in curbside bins. The general rule is that non-coated paper that easily rips goes in with the non-recyclable items. Don’t place coated, heavy-weight paper in your recycling bin if you aren’t positive that your curbside service will pick it up.