5. Canva - Recycling Difficult Items

Lots of things around your house are recyclable but they can’t be placed in bins. Appliances like kitchen stoves, dishwashers and water heaters contain a lot of metal, and can easily be recycled.

You also can recycle small household appliances like microwaves, fans, and even AC units.

Furniture items like futons, bed frames, mattresses, and even some wooden furniture, are often made from recyclable materials.

In many cases, the first step of the recycling process is in the form of reusing or repurposing the item. Furniture that is in good working condition is always a great candidate for donation. But if your furniture item is subpar, or not needed by a local charity, then a furniture recycler is the way to go.

Other items that can are recyclable but can’t be placed in your blue or green cart/bin include clothing, exercise equipment, and even lawnmowers!

When you have something that you want to recycle that won’t fit in your bin, you have a few different options. It’s important to note it isn’t free to recycle “hard to recycle” items. However, eco-friendly junk removal companies have made it much easier and more affordable than ever to have your items picked up and hauled away for eco-friendly disposal at a fair price.