4. Canva - Upcycling Junk

Have you heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” All of your junk may not need to go into the trash. You can always repurpose your unused items in other ways. Get those old rims, coffee containers, and tools out of your garage and drawers. It’s time to put them to good use without destroying the planet.

Landfills are full of the items needed below to make these easy DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. You can go by your local dump to pick up some items if you don’t have them on hand.

Old Rims Turned Into An Upcycled Firepit

If you have an old tire rim laying around, you can make a fire pit.

Find a place in your backyard ideal for a fire pit.

Place the rim with the wheel center face down so the inner wheel shell is facing upwards.

Surround the rim with brick or stone to protect your hands from the hot metal once you put the fire pit to use. (hint-hint: The added material makes your fire pit look less junky!)

Reuse Your Glass Bowls For Eco-Friendly Planters

Succulents are widely popular. They are great for those who don’t have a green thumb since they are easy to grow and don’t require too much attention. Use your old glass bowls as succulent planters.

Succulents dislike standing water. Place a layer of small rocks or pea gravel on the bottom of your glass dish.

Fill your glass bowl with potting soil for cacti.

Plant the succulents in the bowl using your fingers and firm the soil around them.

Cover the soil with a layer of small river rocks. This helps to keep the moisture away from the base of the plants preventing them from rotting.

Second Chance Wire Basket or Trash Can

Turn your wire basket or old trash can into an end table or plant stand.

Turn the basket or trash can upside down.

Add some paint if it’s a bit outdated or chipped. (You can also add some ribbon around it to give it a different look.)

Super glue a wood or marble top to the bottom and you have yourself a whole new table.

Eco-Friendly Storage Made From Coffee Containers

You can always recycle your used coffee containers especially since they are made of plastic; however, if you need some ideas for storage then up-cycle your junk.

Get a wood board.

Paint the coffee containers and wood board to a color of your liking.

Let the paint dry.

Screw the plastic coffee containers to the wood board. Now you have a place to store nuts, bolts, tools, etc.

Make Your Cheese Grater An Environmentally Friendly Jewelry Holder

Want a great jewelry holder? Look no further than your grandmother’s old cheese grater.

Pick your favorite color to give the cheese grater a fresh coat of spray paint.

Let the paint dry.

Use the holes to store your favorite pairs of earrings.

Old Wrenches Turned Eco-Friendly Decor

Our garages can be filled with old tools that we never use. Put the old wrenches to good use by making wind chimes. You’ll be industrial chic in no time.

Place a wrench horizontally and tie a wire to opposite ends.

Hang about 4 to 5 vertically from the wrench tied at the top.

Find a place on your front porch or patio to hang your new wind chime.