1. When to Buy Appliances

Major home appliances usually cost a pretty penny, but that price can be a lot lower at certain times of the year. Holiday sales such as Labor Day and Black Friday are perfect examples of this.

Don’t buy your next major appliance on a whim. We’ve got the scoop on getting the best deal on your next appliance purchase. If you can afford to hold off a little while before making the purchase, you could save some serious money.

September, October, November, and December are the months when appliance makers release new models or when holiday shopping deals such as Labor Day and Black Friday begin. But what if you need to buy other times of the year? There are other sales to look forward to and other parts of the year that are the best time to buy new appliances.

Early Fall

Are you asking yourself, “When to buy a new washer and dryer?” Well, most major appliances are at their cheapest in the early Fall months, September and October specifically. This is when manufacturers release new home appliance models, and sellers need to get rid of last year’s inventory. However, because new refrigerator models are released in the Spring, they’re the exception to the rule.

Beginning of the Year

When stores aren’t able to get rid of their inventory from the prior year, they often reduce the price of those leftover large appliances to move them quickly. So your best bet may be to head to the stores in January to get the best appliances from the year before.

Unless there has been a significant change in features or energy savings, there is truly nothing wrong with buying last year’s model for a deeply-discounted price. Since these are left over appliances, the selection will be limited.

Best Month to Buy a Refrigerator

The one exception to the early Fall (September/October) rule are refrigerators. According to our refrigerator buying guide, fridge manufacturers roll out their new models in the summer, making May the “last call” for older model shopping. Again, if you don’t mind a new appliance from the previous year, the spring is the best time to upgrade an old refrigerator for less.

Holiday Weekends

The best place to buy appliances is from major retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sears Best Buy, and Costco because they seem to always have appliance sales over holiday weekends. Holidays like Labor Day, President’s Day, Columbus Day, 4th of July and Memorial Day are excellent opportunities to buy a major appliance. This is when stores feature some of the biggest sales of the year, making it the best time to buy appliances at Costco.