5. Canva Clothes Clutter

Donate your clothes to specific charities that are seeking particular items like professional clothing, formal events, baby clothing, bras, etc. Goodwill or The Salvation Army are great fallbacks for items that you can’t find a specific charity for as they’re happy to receive almost all gently used clothing.

Consignment stores or any local consignments are happy to buy good quality clothing, shoes, and accessories. Some consignments only accept name brand items so check out the information on their website or call ahead to avoid wasting time.

Toss or upcycle clothing that’s beyond wearing. A popular way to upcycle old t-shirts is to cut them into squares and use them for cleaning, insulation, crafts, and more.

Haul away services such as local waste management pickups or junk removal can come and pick up your unwanted stuff from your curb. This is a good option if you need to get rid of an old dresser, wardrobe, or any bulky object along with your bags or boxes of clothes.