1. Canva - Holiday Clutter Free

When it’s time to un-deck the halls and get rid of the dry old Christmas tree, it’s also a great time to declutter. We’ll tell you how to make holiday clutter removal easy this year with our ultimate holiday decluttering guide.

A decluttering method that works incredibly well and gets a lot done at once is for every gift received or new item purchased, get rid of two others.

While going through the after-holiday cleanup process, go ahead and do a little extra. An example of using this method would be to get rid of that ancient laptop or dead PC monitor since your Aunt Karen gave you a new iPad. (She got a good deal after asking to speak with the store manager…)

This makes the gifts you received even better because they’re also helping you cut all the clutter in your home. Add even more value by selling, recycling, or donating to charity the items to be tossed out.

If you did most of your shopping online, you can use those Amazon boxes that are piled floor-to-ceiling in your living room! Don’t break those boxes down to have them recycled; they can actually be put to use in your decluttering arsenal.

Instead of throwing them away outright, make a goal for yourself to fill each one of those boxes with household clutter. Then, get rid of the cardboard boxes full of all the stuff that was taking up valuable space in your home.

If you received a few nice albeit useless gifts due to a white elephant exchange or office secret Santa, all is not lost. While you may not have any use for a color-changing yoga mat or a bacon-scented candle, you may know someone who does.

Set aside some space in a hall closet or chest as a “re-gift corner.” Then, keep these types of items that are nice but just not for you in that space until you find the perfect occasion and person to give them to.