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Outdoor gas grills use propane tanks. When yours runs out of gas, you can exchange it for a full tank at services such as Blue Rhino or Amerigas. Each has locations throughout the area and charges a fee to exchange or buy a new tank. If you want to recycle your old tank without getting a refill, you can either drop it off at one of these tank exchange locations or take it to a scrap metal dealer that accepts pressurized tanks.

Camping Tanks
Camp stoves and lanterns also use propane tanks. Empty tanks are accepted by household hazardous waste facilities and scrap metal dealers. Be sure to call first.

Disposable Helium Tanks
People purchase disposable helium tanks to fill up balloons for special occasions. The companies that sell them generally don’t take them back.

Other Tanks
Pressurized industrial, medical and specialty gas tanks are most often taken back by the company that sells them. Contact the company you purchased yours from to find out about return options.

Always call first.
Always call scrap metal dealers and household hazardous waste facilities first. Some facilities have size limits and scrap metal dealers have preparation requirements.